Payment methods include Credit cards.

Our payment gateway powered by Payhere payment gateway( Which supports card payment. If you suspect about our site security of our payment policies. We strongly advise you to use Bank Deposite(aka Wire transfer) as your payment option. Payhere is a safer, easier way to send and receive money online. When you select Payhere as the payment method, you will be linked to the Payhere site where you can make payment.

Bank Deposit/Wire transfer

Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order/Invoice ID as the payment reference. Your Order/Product access Credentials will not be shipped/Handover until the funds have cleared in our account.

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How to inform your bank payments ?

  • Please mention your invoice number under reference field in
    bank deposits. (Your Ref. No : Order/Invoice ID )
  • Please reply to info (at) once paid with, Payment Date,
    Bank, Branch, Amount. In case chque deposit, please provide
    cheque number as well.
  • Or Send a photo of your bank slip through WhatsApp to (+94)77 242 7210 as soon as you completed the payment.
  • Or Call us on numbers below and inform your payment details.
    (+94) 77 242 7210
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